From Kea it was back to where we started from on the mainland to complete our Island Hopping tour. It’s amazing how fast a week can go, which is why we were thrilled to continue our trip to yet another island – Aegina. This one we traveled to by high-speed ferry and was only a 40 minute ride. The island of Aegina is best known for its pistachios and they were everywhere you turned. I was in Heaven.

pt3-6We toured this island extensively, first by bicycle and then again by scooter, leaving nothing un-explored. Taking another Island Hopping ride was a true bonus and we were very grateful for the generosity of our guides letting us freeload on the next week’s tour group. As always we did some climbing and were treated to some views, but this time we also got to visit a very cool ancient archeological site. I was thrilled to see just how in tact it was.


pt3-3Once we got our hands on a couple of scooters we combed just about every mile of the island during what was the most spectacular scooter ride of my life. I think the views speak for themselves and say it all.


pt3-5Another fun highlight of the day was seeing storks – real live storks. I have to admit that up until this point I was never even really sure if storks were real birds or just made up creatures like Santa Claus that brought babies rather than gifts. Well, come to find out they are real and they are beautiful. Seeing these huge birds soar was incredible. If you happened to have read my review of my new camera I made a comment like, “If you happen to stumble across a unicorn, the ultra digital zoom would be appropriate to use.” Well the stork was my unicorn and I activated my “should-never-be-used” digital zoom to grab this shot from a distance.

pt3-7So in summary . . . we biked for 7 days, visited 9 different islands, sailed for over 30 hours, climbed over 9,000 feet of elevation, met 20 new friends, ate an enormous amount of pistachios, and aged our skin over 10 years while having the time of our lives in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I made a little video to serve as a more animated and visual summary of the trip . . .

The snapshots used in this video can also be viewed via an online album.

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