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Photography is so much more than pressing the shutter release on your camera. It’s so much more than the endless gadgets and gear that photographers are lured into buying. No matter what camera you have in your hand and no matter where you happen to be standing, it is your eye and sense of composition that will make the difference between a good and poor photo. Maine Photo Adventures will not only help you to develop an artistic eye, but also teach you how to tell visual stories. Are you tired of traveling to beautiful places only to come home with a boring set of photos that don’t really capture the essence of the place you visited? We can teach you how to capture the moments that tell the stories you want to remember. Whether you are new to photography or have been shooting for many years, we can open your eyes to some ideas and techniques that will have you seeing and shooting differently. Please explore the Photography Workshops section of this site for more specifics about what to expect.

About Your Hosts

Paula Apropaula

I have been a professional graphic designer for over 20 years. When I first started getting serious about photography nearly 10 years ago I never called myself a photographer, but rather, “a graphic designer that likes taking pictures.” I felt confident calling myself a graphic designer because that was my profession and that’s what I got paid to do. It was very clear that my graphic design experience and talent played a big role in helping me to become “a real photographer.” It wasn’t long before I was being paid to shoot. I’ve been published in countless industry magazines and my photos have appeared on 6 different magazine covers to date. I think getting my first cover was when I was comfortable calling myself “a professional photographer,” as if my camera bag that weighed more than me wasn’t a big enough clue!

No matter how many years of experience I gain and no matter how good of a photographer I become, I will never stop learning. I have taken multiple photography workshops over the past decade, all of which have improved my skills in some way. Many of those workshops were taken at Maine Media Workshops, which is a highly accredited film and photography school. I have also attended many Photoshop World conferences, PDN Photoplus conferences, and I hold a Certificate in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography.

In addition to shooting still photos, I’m also a video producer. Many photographers, although interested in adding video to their skill set, are frightened to take that leap. I will offer some workshops that will combine photography and video into beautiful multimedia presentations. You can see some examples of some multimedia photo presentations here.

When not shooting photos for profit I’m constantly shooting for the fun of it. As a recent transplant to the great state of Maine, I’m passionate about capturing the diverse beauty of my new home. The gallery section of this website is dedicated to only photos that were shot right here in Maine. There is so much natural beauty here and all I want to do is explore it and capture it. I would love to be your host and guide you through my lovely new hometown. 

For even more information on my experience and background, please visit my business website at www.aprodesigns.com.

To see more of my personal photography, please visit my online portfolio.

Dee Peppe


I’m a professor at the University of Maine, and have led photographic travel workshops to France, Belize, and Guatemala and have been teaching photography in the workshop format since 1990. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and my photographs are included in museum, corporate, and private collections.

I enjoy bringing photography education into grade schools, high schools, and colleges as an artist in residence. Other schools where have taught include Maine Media Workshops, Pensacola State College, Colby College, and College of the Atlantic.

After moving to Maine in 1979, I have been leading students to field trip locations on the coast of Maine since 1990. I am an enthusiastic educator who is skilled at helping students realize their personal vision by trying to shed light onto the complicated controls of the camera by explaining the camera functions in a simple way. I strive to bring a unique combination of local knowledge and teaching experience to sharing my passion for photography.

My goal is to help you make your images better, to show you ways to expand your vision, to increase your awareness of your surrounding, to help you understand the camera controls that can support your creativity, and overall, to help you to see the world through your camera with more creative ability.

I strive to offer you a fun, informative, and inspiring photographic education and travel experience. My passion for photography and my enthusiasm for teaching will offer you an opportunity to expand your photographic skills while exploring the beautiful coast of Maine.