We just love hearing feedback from the folks that take our workshops. Here’s are some comments from recent workshop participants.

“I was stuck in a rut creatively. This workshop got me out of it. Paula’s passion for this kind of photography is contagious!” – Dan Avener


I thoroughly enjoyed being with you and the group exploring Rockland, Rockport, and Camden. The punch list is genius.  It helped me to think about the ideas you shared in your presentation while we were out in the field. Art is Everywhere can help every photographer break from their normal shooting patterns and to look for the art in colors, textures, shapes, patterns, reflections, details, shadows, and light by looking up, down, behind, and through.”
Michael Fillyaw Photography


“I loved how I began to notice things that I hadn’t noticed before and seeing everyday objects and scenes from a new perspective. Now I’m always thinking, ‘Look up, look down, look in front, look behind’.”  – Robin Guist