Last week’s “Art is Everywhere – The Basics” workshop was a blast. After several seemingly endless days of clouds, rain, and overall drab leading up to the workshop, Mother Nature smiled upon the midcoast and graced us with enough sunshine to make lots of pretty pictures.

It was a true pleasure to spend a few days with the participants who came up from the Boston area. They were primarily landscape photographers so this workshop put them a little bit outside of their comfort zone – which is exactly where I want them! Their results were outstanding. A true testament to the fact that “they GOT it.” They understood my preaching loud and clear and my heart fluttered when I saw their gorgeous photos. Selecting just a few samples was tremendously difficult because they were all so great.

Art is Everywhere photography workshop

Of course, the also took a lot of breath-taking landscapes to add to their portfolios, but they were already amazing landscape photographers. There was nothing I could teach them to improve that work. This workshop was all about seeing differently, noticing and capturing the small things that normally go unnoticed and certainly un-shot. This quote from one of the participants really did sum up her experience. . . .

“Paula helped me take a little of the technical out of my photography and replace it with some heart and art! Her class was a photographer’s spiritual retreat.”

– Bridgette Mathews, Glouster, MA.

I just can’t close this article without showing a couple of the landscapes that were taken. I do want to point out that this was “extra credit” and was not part of the actual workshop. Time is allotted during the Maine Photo Adventures to shoot sunrise and sunset photos on your own. And as you can see, it’s worth getting up early and staying out late.

Sunrise in Rockland Harbor by Helen Cogan

Sunset at Marshall Point by Bridgette Mathews

If these photos were just a tease and you would like to see more of the kinds of things you would shoot during the Art is Everywhere Photography Workshop, the video below spotlights some of the photos that I took during the adventure. Enjoy.


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