It’s pumpkin season here in Maine! And I don’t mean the fake “pumpkin-spiced” everything season . . . I mean the real pumpkins and apples, the colorful trees and gorgeous landscape everywhere you turn. Anybody that lives in New England knows how exciting this time of year can be. We are so fortunate to be able to experience all the seasons. Even the long cold winters have their own unique charm. Granted, they are a little longer than I would prefer, but if I have to take the winters in order to get the autumns, I’m in.



This past weekend I drove to the locations that are on the upcoming Fall Foliage Photo Workshop itinerary and, right off the bat, I’ve decided that the duration of the workshop needs to be increased next year! Two days is simply not enough time to see and capture enough of this beautiful landscape.

cute cow

I crammed almost the entire 2-day workshop into one day with the intention of just marking the GPS locations and talking to the managers and owners of the businesses we will visit. I didn’t really plan to make it a photography event, but I carted along my new mirrorless Lumix with me, just in case.


The weather was dreary with completely overcast skies and at times, sprinkles of rain. As I drove along I thought, “Gee, I hope the weather is better during the actual workshop.” And then I started to take some longer exposure pictures like these and realized the lighting conditions were perfect.

Acorns in the water

Abstract reflection in the water

Trees reflecting in the river

Bright sunshine would have made shooting some of the water scenes very difficult and in some cases impossible, even without an ND filter.

Rushing stream

There is so much more you can do creatively with overcast skies and I really had a ball playing with some slow shutter abstracts.

Fall pumpkin abstract


The sun only peaked out for a brief few minutes and the combination of light and mist made for some interesting shots too.



These photos are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come. Please stay tuned to see much more of the beautiful Maine landscape in the fall. And there are still spots left in the upcoming Fall Foliage Photography Workshop taking place Oct 13 – 14. Please contact me directly if you are interested in securing a spot.