I’m in the midst of developing a brand new photography app that just may change the photography industry . . . and possibly put Maine Photo Adventures out of business!

After my first year in business, I was very excited about the positive feedback I received on my workshops. It felt great to know that I was doing a good job and this business could really grow . . .

But then it hit me. If the business does indeed grow, that would mean I would be spending most of my time during the glorious “good weather months in Maine” working! Granted taking photos for ‘work’ is nothing to complain about, but the spectacular weather up here is short lived and to be honest, it’s hard to commit myself a year in advance to working. How could I solve this problem?

And that is how the idea of Pictour came to be. I started to wonder how I can develop “Self-guided photography tours” where I can do all the work to build a tour once and offer it for sale for people to do the tour on their own, in their own time, whenever they happened to be visiting Maine. So that got me thinking about how many tours I could create in Maine, but why stop there? Maybe I should travel around the world and build tours everywhere!

Hold everything! Now I’m back to working all the time and even worse, leaving the beautiful state of Maine. This idea was clearly getting out of hand. So I pondered some more and came up with the perfect solution – get photographers all over the world to participate. Allow them to create tours and post them for sale. This way we can easily offer tours all over the world and not only give traveling photographers inside secrets on the best places to shoot, but give the photographers that share their secrets some extra income.

We are still in the development stage, but we currently have a working prototype and will soon be looking for beta testers. If you are at all interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please click below to watch an informative video that explains the app in detail. And if you’re interested in learning more about when the app will be released, please join the mailing list by clicking the blue button below or by visiting www.pictour.co

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