The Maine landscape is getting duller by the day. The leaves are turning brown and falling at a rapid rate – especially on this very windy day. At times, I look outside and feel sad that the colorful scenery is disappearing. I know it’s going to be several months before I’m back outdoors. Sure, there will be those few snowy winter days that will inspire me to get out and brave the cold in my heated gloves, but nothing beats the colors of spring, summer and, fall in Maine. So what’s a girl to do to find some photographic inspiration?

Well, there are lots of other shooting options and the harder you look the more you may find. Recently, I decided it was too cold and damp to venture outdoors so I sat in the toasty comfort of my house and shot pictures through the window. Sure, it might have been a lazy cop out, but it beat not shooting at all.



I really liked how the fog seemed to add a natural soft filter to the photos without any editing whatsoever. These photos are straight out of the camera, but they look as if they have been edited. I moved to another window in the house and shot a couple more pictures with similar soft (but in a good way) results.



Another day, I was about to throw away a container that was filled with a soapy solution. The night before I mixed up this magical red wine stain remover (Please message me if you want the recipe. It was amazing!) and before I threw the solution out I noticed how interesting the bubbles were. I couldn’t help but to take a few minutes to grab my camera and macro lens to see if I could capture their beauty. I snapped a couple of handheld shots and decided that the scene warranted a tripod.


The next thing you know I had the container propped up on books right on my dining room table. I even got a small LED flashlight and lit the container from below. The whole set up was quick and dirty with very little thought or effort and it produced some very cool shots.

This proved to me that you don’t have to look very hard or dig too deep to practice your photography skills right at home. Look around you right now. Do you see something that might make a good subject? I challenge you to shoot something ordinary today and make it extraordinary! Send me a shot if you take my challenge. I would love to see it and share it.

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