There is nothing like the being in the woods of Maine in the fall. Actually, you don’t really have to be “in the woods” to appreciate the beauty of the fall season. No matter where you turn, the colors surround you. Some say that this year’s foliage wasn’t as spectacular as it usually is. Maybe that’s true. It’s hard to really tell and why bother analyzing whether or not the foliage is up to snuff? Why not just spend all your energy taking it all in and enjoying every minute and every drip of color it offers?

fall foliage

The foliage may not have been at it’s best, but this was the year that I experienced an extra special fall treat. I headed up to the Northern woods of Maine, just southwest of Mount Katahdin to a private camp called Camp Nahmakanta. I would tell you what town it was in, only there is no town name . . . no zip code. It’s just plain out there in the woods. Drive to the tiniest little town in the middle of nowhere and then hop on a dirt road for another 90 minutes and there you are – in the midst of paradise.

sunrise over the lake

The camp is situated on the shores of Nahmakanta Lake and every morning I awoke to watch the mist and fog rise off the water. We were treated to warm sunny days and cold crisp mornings which ensured an abundance of early morning fog. Every morning the scenery changed drastically offering a diversity of photos from the very same location.sunrise at Pollywog Pond Pollywog Pond in the fog

Whether you just sat by the shore to watch the water ripple and the wildlife pass by or laced up your boots and hiked along the Appalachia Trail, you were sure to be treated to gorgeous sights. Being in the isolation of the northern woods of Maine is an experience that I won’t soon forget and hope that I’m blessed with the opportunity to do it again someday.

In an effort to share a little bit of the experience with you I’ve created a slideshow of still photographs, as well as a short video of some of the scenery. I hope you enjoy them.