As a special bonus I will occasionally run some Video Workshops. These are meant to introduce the photographer to the beginnings of simple video production using iMovie or Final Cut Pro X. Nothing spices up your work better than a multimedia presentation of it. Most photographers don’t want to take that leap into video for fear that it’s too much work, but with a little instruction you will find that it’s not difficult and the rewards are worth the small amount of extra effort. The video workshops will show you how to combine your still photos with small clips of video, taken with your DSLR, point-n-shoot, or phone to create a nice visual story.

Here are some examples of short videos that rely mostly on still photos. The combination of the music, transition effects and short snippets of video bring the photos to life in a more dynamic way. If you are interested in making a video like this, please contact me. These workshops will be planned based on interested!

This video was put together from snapshots from a recent vacation to Mexico. Many of the pictures were taken with a point-n-shoot camera.


This is a video that I put together from a sailing trip during a photography workshop that I attended using mostly still shots and just a few clips of video taken with my DSLR. With very little effort you can present a work of photos in a more interesting and dynamic way by creating short videos.

Here are some pictures taken during a recent Maine Media Workshop with Jay Maisel studying Light, Gesture, and Color. Jay taught me how to capture pictures that tell a story. Before you press that shutter button you should always ask yourself, “Why am I taking this picture? What is it that I’m trying to capture? What story am I trying to tell?”

Every year I do what’s called a “Project 365” where I take one photo per day, every day of the year. 2014 was the first time I attempted it with video snippets. I took about 1 second of video every day and strung them all together in the finished video below.

Here is a recap of a wonderful trip to Machias Seal Island in Northern Maine. We went to see the puffins who are the most photogenic creatures. What a fun trip that was and I highly recommend it as a one-day photo trip if you get the opportunity.

Here’s a nice example of a story-telling photo montage. This was made with some photos and video snippets from a vacation in Greece.