Art Is Everywhere Photography Workshops

“Art is Everywhere” is the theme for all of the photography workshops. It’s something that I am personally passionate about and have been told that my passion for finding the art in everyday objects is contagious. These workshops are more about learning how to “see” than learning how to “shoot.” Of course, any and all of the technical shooting specifics will be covered, but the emphasis will always be on creating captivating and creative photos.

Upcoming Photography Workshops in Midcoast Maine

Some of the upcoming Maine Photo Adventure photography workshops are listed below. Each one offers a different focus, a variety of different sceneries, and activities, but will all be equally entertaining and educational. Please click directly on the tour banner to be taken to the full tour details.

Art Is Everywhere Photography workshopArt Is Everywhere Photography workshopBoothbay Photography workshopArt is Everywhere Creativity Bootcamp

Art Is Everywhere Photography workshop