Art Is Everywhere Photography Workshops

Art is Everywhere” is the theme for all of the photography workshops. It’s something that I am personally passionate about and have been told that my passion for finding the art in everyday objects is contagious. These workshops are more about learning how to “see” than learning how to “shoot.” Of course, any and all of the technical shooting specifics will be covered, but the emphasis will always be on creating captivating and creative photos. We do the majority of our shooting during the middle of the day, proving my point that “there is no bad time to shoot”  you just may have to work a little harder to get a great shot! Suggestions for sunrise shooting locations will be given, but we will not shoot the sunrise as a group. Although we will visit many beautiful places, landscape photography is not the focus of these workshops. If you have any questions about this nature of these trips, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Upcoming Photography Workshops in Midcoast Maine

Unfortunately, I’m taking a short break from running most of my organized group photography workshops this year. The only workshop on the 2018 schedule is Oct 2-5 The Taste of Fall. However, I do still offer private, completely custom, photo sessions. If you will be in the midcoast area and would like either a private classroom session and/or an instructional photo tour, please contact me.