Boothbay Photography workshop

When you look back on your travel photos do you think they give a true sense of the places that you visited? Do they tell the story of what you experienced while you were there? Sometimes you can almost hear, taste, and feel what magazine photographers experienced when they took the shots. They are able to bring the experience right to you through the pages of a magazine. It takes thought and effort to achieve it and this workshop will teach you the tricks you need to know to bring emotion to your images.

You will learn how to capture photos that tell the story of the area that you are visiting or the event you are attending. No more memory cards filled with unimaginative photos. You will learn to capture the details that bring the experience home. Maine is about more than just the boats in the harbor. It’s about the people, the natural beauty, the history, the action, and the events . . . and we will capture glimpses of them all.

The Boothbay Harbor Fest will be our practice grounds during this Storytelling/Documentary Photography Workshop. This workshop includes admission to the Boothbay Harbor Fest so we will be right in the middle of all the action. From local musicians performing and athletes running a race to local vendors selling beautiful wares and interesting food and drinks, you will have the opportunity to capture all the small details of the festival. The best way to capture the true essence of an event is to actually experience it for yourself and you will! Your admission ticket also allows you to participate in all the food samplings. But don’t get too carried away because we will have lots of shooting to do. We will start at 9 AM on Sunday morning with a slideshow presentation where we will learn some tricks, get inspired and then set out into the festival with our shooting assignments. There will be plenty of action to capture and this will give you plenty of practice in each of the areas that we will be focusing on: creating a mood; capturing action; highlighting details and telling a story.

After several hours of shooting, we will return to our classroom to review and discuss the results of our efforts. By the end of the day, we will have a group of photos that will truly tell the story of the Boothbay Harbor Fest. After that, you will be ready to travel the world and capture the essence of the places you visited like a true travel photographer.

The Details


Sunday, Sept 3, 2017
10AM – 4PM

Group Size

Less than 10


Beginner, amateur, enthusiasts


You are in control of how much walking you want or need to do.


If you visiting from out of town and need a place to stay, please click here for several lodging options.


  • All day admission to the Boothbay Harbor Fest – including food samplings
  • One-on-one photo instruction as needed in the field
  • Small group size ( less than 10 guests)
  • A “Press Pass” to give you the confidence you need to document all the events.
  • And a friendly and knowledgeable host and guide