Art is Everywhere – STORYTELLING / DOCUMENTARY Photography Workshop

Travel photography workshopYou just got hired by a travel magazine as a freelance travel photographer and now it’s time for your first assignment: the Midcoast of Maine! Are you ready for the challenge?

Do you flip through gorgeous travel magazines and wish your photos looked like the ones donning the pages? Are your travel photos lacking something? When you look back on your travel photos do you think they give a true sense of the places that you visited? Do they tell the story of what you experienced while you were there? If not, this 3-day workshop is for you and what better place to practice your shooting than a place that has gorgeous photo ops around every corner. It’s almost too easy!

During these three action-packed days, you will learn how to capture photos that tell the story of the area that you are visiting. No more memory cards filled with unimaginative photos. Sure, everybody wants to see the occasional wide landscape shot of the ocean or the setting sun, but here you will learn to capture the details that bring the experience home. Maine is about more than just the boats in the harbor. It about the people, the natural beauty, the history, the action, and the events and we will capture glimpses of them all.

This Travel Photography Workshop will start at 8AM on Thursday morning where we will watch a slideshow presentation, discuss the assignments and set off into town to take our first sets of photos. After a few hours of shooting, we will return to our classroom to review and discuss the results of our efforts. After a short lunch break we will get our afternoon assignments and start the entire process all over again. By the end of this first day, we should each have our top 6 photos selected, edited, and most importantly captioned.

The workshop will continue for the next two days visiting and shooting at various local destinations and events. You will be given new sets of photo assignments and there will be plenty of time for group critiques. Will your photos make the cut? You’ll have to wait and see.   By the end of the workshop, we will have a group of photos that will truly tell the story of what life is like on the Midcoast of Maine. After that, you will be ready to travel the world and capture the essence of the places you visited like a true travel photographer.

Rockland will be our home base for the classroom sessions and our assignments will take place in the close vicinity of the Rockland, Rockport, and Camden area.

The Details


August 23-25, 2017

Group Size

Less than 10


Beginner, amateur, enthusiasts


Must bring a laptop with photo editing software.
You are in control of how much walking you want or need to do.


The average high during the Summer months is 76 degrees and the average low during the Summer months is 59 degrees, but be prepared for anything! It could be very hot and humid and it could also be 50 and windy.


  • Multiple on-site shooting locations
  • Group photo reviews and discussions
  • One-on-one photo instruction
  • Small group size (4-10 guests)
  • Snacks, coffee, and tea
  • A Maine Photo Adventures T-shirt
  • And a friendly and knowledgeable host and guide


$465.00 (lodging and meals not included)

Deposit:  $100