Art is Everywhere – A TASTE OF FALL Photography Workshop

CooFall photography workshopl nights and warm days start to bring out the first signs of color to the trees in the Midcoast. Most of the tourists have gone back home, the crowds are thinner, and the beauty starts to intensify. It’s the perfect recipe for a little fall photography workshop get-away. Seems no matter where you turn there’s a beautiful photo just waiting to be taken.

During this Taste of Fall Photo Workshop, we will try to cover as much land as possible, capturing what the Midcoast has to offer during this very special season. Some of the highlights will include scenic drives to overlooks, farm stands, vineyards, farms, etc. We will visit hidden away roads, pretty rivers and streams, and even a local glass blowing studio. And, if time permits we will also stroll through the local harbors including Rockland, Rockport, and Camden. You will get a true ‘taste’ of what it’s like to be in midcoast Maine in the fall by sampling some of the sights and treats of the area.

The Details

This workshop will start on Wednesday morning where we will have a group discussion, watch a slideshow presentation, and then set out to practice what we learned. We will spend the remaining time over the next couple of days shooting and discussing our work. There will be time set aside for group critiques and editing.

Snacks and coffee will be provided on the first morning and we will plan to eat lunch together every day. Meals are not included with the price of the workshop. We will also plan for one optional group dinner. Time will be allotted during the second and third day during the sunrise hours and location recommendations will be given if you would like to take advantage of the early morning light. The workshop will end late Friday afternoon.

Rockland will be our home base and our adventure will begin Wednesday morning at 9AM. A complete rundown of the schedules and itinerary will be presented.

Some sample photos of this workshop . . .


Oct 3-5, 2018

Group Size

Less than 10


Beginner, amateur, enthusiasts

A fair amount of walking (The destinations can be adjusted based on the group’s accessibility needs.)


The average high in the Midcoast during the month of October is approximately 57-60 degrees and the average low is about 40 degrees. It could be sunny and very pleasant or cold, windy and wet. Bring lots of layers and be ready for anything.


  • Multiple on-site shooting locations
  • Group photo reviews and discussions
  • One-on-one photo instruction
  • Wine tasting
  • Small group size
  • Snacks, coffee, and tea
  • A Maine Photo Adventures T-shirt
  • And a friendly and knowledgeable host and guide


Art is Everywhere” is the theme for all of the photography workshops. It’s something that I am personally passionate about and have been told that my passion for finding the art in everyday objects is contagious. These workshops are more about learning how to “see” than learning how to “shoot.” Of course, any and all of the technical shooting specifics will be covered, but the emphasis will always be on creating captivating and creative photos. We do the majority of our shooting during the middle of the day, proving my point that “there is no bad time to shoot”  you just may have to work a little harder to get a great shot! Suggestions for sunrise shooting locations will be given, but we will not shoot the sunrise as a group. Although we will visit many beautiful places, landscape photography is not the focus of these workshops. If you have any questions about this nature of these trips, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


$450.00 (lodging and meals not included)

Deposit:  $100