It’s hard to describe what exactly it is about Maine, but there’s something . . .

Maine is a unique and inviting place in so many ways. It has always felt like home to me even long before there was any glimmer of chance of actually living there. Over the past several years I spent one week every Summer in Rockport which is in the heart of Midcoast Maine. Attending the Maine Media Workshops throws you directly into the community on various assignments. My first thoughts were always ones of dread. “They expect me to approach complete strangers and ask them to help me by participating in my projects?”  These assignments, on first glance, put me way out of my comfort zone. After all, I’m from CT and I’m just not used to approaching strangers. And I’m certainly not used to these strangers bending over backwards to help me as if I was their long lost family. The thing is, in Maine, it feels like there are no strangers.

After my first experience living among the locals in Maine I thought I just got really lucky by the folks that I encountered. I remember coming back home to my husband and trying to explain the feelings that Maine left me with. It was hard to explain then and it continues to be hard to explain today.

Fast forward a few more years and it just can’t be luck. I’m convinced that the folks in Maine are just simply a different breed of people. So friendly, so welcoming, so patient, so genuine, so different from what I’m used to. My husband and I have spent the last 12 years traveling together. We’ve been to some pretty spectacular places and we always played the game of imagining ourselves living in these various locations. Aside from Boulder, CO not one of these places that we loved visiting so much could ever lure us to live there. None except Maine. Every single time we ever visited Maine we simply did not want to leave the place.

Sometimes I still have trouble believing that this dream of ours became a reality and we now live in a new home that we built in Rockland. I know that most of my friends back in CT have bets going on how long I’ll last “in the cold North” as if I left a tropical location to move here. Well, we survived one of the toughest winters on record and enjoyed just about every minute of it. The snow came in January and didn’t stop for months leaving a blanket of white covering the terrain until April. As beautiful as the coast of Maine is in the Summer, it’s just as beautiful, if not more beautiful in the Winter. I am so pleased to have a new life style where we can slow down every aspect of our life to become a true Mainer – a patient, friendly, generous neighbor.